My Projects
MathSeconds TPT Store

MathSeconds Teachers Pay Teachers Store

MathSeconds is the name of my Teachers Pay Teachers store for printables that I make to keep track of my daughters' maths education. Link

High School Stats Helper

High School Stats Helper

This is an Android application that contains calculator functions needed in a typical high school statistics course. I developed this app during the spring of 2020 in preparation for distance learning. Link

Activities for the High School Classroom

Activities for the High School Statistics Classroom

I wrote this book in preparation for teaching high school statistics during the summer of 2019. The book is currently available on Amazon. I am planning on updating this book with Python code. Link

Stats Assistant

Stats Assistant

This is the web-application version of my Android app "High School Stats Helper". I started developing this app during my honeymoon in Cancun in 2017. I decided to finish it during the spring of 2020 in preparation for distance learning. Link

Fitbit Clockface

Time with Joy

I developed this Fitbit clockface in 2020 so that I have immediate access to sunrise and sunset times. Link

SBG Assistant

Standards-Based Grading Assistant

I developed this Python application with a Tkinter GUI and an SQLite3 database to help make standards-based grading for math teachers sustainable. This app is currently under development for use by parents who want to keep track of their students' maths education.

Math with Joy

Math Ánimo Problem Generator

I developed the Math Ánimo Problem Generator during the summer in 2014 for my Math Support class. I am hosting it currently on my mathseconds domain. Link

Math with Joy

Math with Joy

I have both a WordPress blog and a Youtube channel called "Math with Joy". Link

About Me


Math with Joy

Let Joy (and Love) be at the Heart of All of Our Endeavors

My name is Wonhee Jung and I am a math teacher at Oscar De La Hoya Ánimo Charter High School. 2014-2015 was my first school year teaching at ODLHÁ. My current hobby is app development using JavaScript and Python. I will be sharing about my latest projects here and on GitHub. My other hobby is playing classical guitar.